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Buldak Noodle Carbonara Chicken 5x130 gr.

Buldak Noodle Carbonara Chicken 5x130 gr.

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noodles (77,5%): wheat flour, modified tapioca starch, refined palm oil, modified potatoe starch, refined salt, emulsifier (lecithin), acidity regulator (potassium carbonate anhydrous), sodium carbonate (E500), sodium phosphat dibasic, citric acid (E330), thickener (guar gum), green tea flavor oil, soup (12,7%): water, artificial chicken flavor powder, soy sauce, white sugar, red pepper powder, chili pepper powder, soybean oil, Onion, red pepper seed oil, garlic, modified potatoe starch, paprika extract, decolorized chilli extract, black pepper powder, curry powder, powder (9,8%): whole milk powder, white sugar, milk powder, salt, mozarella cheese powder, butter powder, modified potatoe starch, curly parsley, pepper powder, garlic powder, soybean oil.

Contains Gluten
Contains traces of Eggs
Contains traces of Fish
Contains traces of Peanuts
Contains Soya
Contains Milk
Contains traces of Nuts
Contains traces of Celery
Contains traces of Mustard
Contains traces of Sesame
Contains traces of Molluscs

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